Morihiko Tamai

About Me

A photo taken at UIUC
I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the
Graduate School of Information Science,
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST).
I am a member of the Foundations of Software Lab (a.k.a. ito-lab).

Email: morihi-t (AT) is (DOT) naist (DOT) jp


Research Interests

My main research focus is on design and implementation of multimedia communication systems including portable computing devices on wireless environments. In particular, I am interested in energy-aware video streaming system for portable wireless devices, and how to construct resource efficient service overlay for video multicast to these devices over content delivery networks. I am also interested in Grid computing and ubiquitous computing systems. I am involving in UbiREAL project, and developing the network simulator of UbiREAL and a rule-based device control application using UPnP protocols.


International Conference



Prime Numbers

I am interested in prime numbers. I found a 153188 digit prime number 19911001*2^508852+1 in March, 2005. It was the 265th largest known prime when it was found. I am continuously looking for the prime numbers of the form 19911001*2^n+1 (October 1, 1991 is the foundation date of NAIST).

All of the primes that I found: here

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