ezxdisp - yet another simple graphics library


ezxdisp is a simple graphics library in C that works on X11 and Win32 platforms. This library has a small set of functions for drawing 2D/3D graphics. For example, the following code will create a 200x200 window with white background, and will draw a red circle in the center of the window.

#include <stdio.h>
#include "ezxdisp.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  ezx_t *e;

  e = ezx_init(200, 200, "no title");
  ezx_set_background(e, &ezx_white);
  ezx_fillcircle_2d(e, 100, 100, 40, &ezx_red);
  ezx_pushbutton(e, NULL, NULL);

  return 0;  



ezxdisp is a free software under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.


Some screenshots are available here.

Building the Library

The ezxdisp package does not contain a configure script, but does contain the platform-specific Makefiles for building a static library named libezx.a.

On a x11 platform

To build libezx.a, run 'make' in the 'src/x11' directory.

On a win32 platform

You need to install MinGW and MSYS. To build libezx.a, run 'make' in the 'src/win32' directory.


Sample Codes

There are sample codes in the 'samples' directory. These samples can be built by running 'make samples' in the 'src/x11' or 'src/win32' directory.


ezxdisp is currently maintained by Morihiko Tamai <morihi-t AT is.naist.jp>. Please feel free to send bug reports, suggestions, or comments on ezxdisp library.

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